Gign's Application

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Gign's Application

Post  gign919191 on Thu Apr 17, 2008 12:31 pm

Real Name: Diogo
In-Game name: Gign
Job:I was GM in another gunz server and I already had my own.
Age: 14

Why would you need me?

Because I'll make sure there are no cheaters, hackers or any other rule breakers, and I am an advance recolorer,
i can edit items, I can also make signatures, banners, which can help you very much.
Also, I am learning php, html and i know Java.

I was GM in another gunz server and I already had my own.
I am also an advanced recolorer
I can edit items
I have alot of experience in Photoshop

Euro Gunz Image:

My Sig:

Gunz Userbar:

AbyssalGunZ Banner:

Euro Gunz Sig(first sig that i made):

Euro Gunz Forum sig:

Ipod Touch made in Photoshop:

Fire Clothes made by me:

Loading screen i have made:

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