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Post   on Mon Apr 21, 2008 3:15 pm

Real Name: Aitor
Job: Student
Age: 18
Email: Aitor_bada_92@hotmail.es

Why would you need me:
Active, serious and always helping when someone needs it. I'm studying some programation languages: I'm actually at C++ ( i'm very newb, but i hope i'll learn fast ) Atm i know JavaScript, HTML, XML, WML and some other things. Also i'm Photoshop User, with a little aknowledge.

Admin / Event developer-maker
Secret Police ( Finding hackers / swappers while they don't see you muajajajajaja )

Events made by me-->
1st event: Hide From Me!!
Players 17/16
Map: Battle Arena
Admin in the center pilar with Gm breaker
Users in ONE part of the battle arrena's grades
GM have to go shotting until only 1 user is alive, then 1P
Ezy event

2nd event: FlipFlipFlip
Players 17/16
Map: Dugeon/Castle
Admin is just running and users have to flip him down the oblivion ( 1P each kill )

3rd event: Come Get Me!!
Players 17/16
Map: Big Maps
Admin have to run from users and users have to kill him
Max 5P
HeadShot 2P
Normal kill 1P

4th event: At The Door!!
Map: Castle
Users 17/16 -- 9/8 --- 5/4 --- 3/2
Event is between the two gates of castle map, where the bridge is.
Admin is like a volley ball. Users have to flip the admin to the other team's gate.
The first team that makes 1P wins the 1st round, ( the beaten team gets kicked, and the winner team splits in 2 parts forming again two teams ) And this when only 2 users are left. The users that wins, win the event
Advice: You can flip the other team users!!

5th event: Snipe is your last chance!
Map: Mansion ( 3rd floor only )
Max ping allowed: 170
Users: 17/16
Team Death Match
Admin just looks the battle. On the 3rd floor, the two teams have to use the sniper rifle to kill the other team people. The last user wins 1P
max 5P
Headshot 2P
Normal 1P
( In the case the level of the user is not higher enough to user sniper rifle, he will be able to use a Zaurus type gun or similar )

I don't like to make people angry, also don't like they make me angry =)

Hoping the best from you:


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