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iNo0bTouch Admin Aplication

Post  iNo0bTouch on Wed Apr 23, 2008 2:11 pm

Name: Tolga Yukselir

Job: Working at Ebgames in Canada.


Why You need Me: Well i would be a really nice and great administrator. I am very active and I want to help the Community. I will also make Euro Gunz P Server Alot Better.Very Happy

Experience: I was admin in V-Gunz, and Maplestory. (i quit V-Gunz). I also Host really Great Events if the players want them and I also will act as a Secret Police:D (looking in rooms for hackers/swappers etc.

Example:In V-Gunz there were about 52 people that would play about everyday but since i thought that there were little players I hacked LGGunz and told lots of people to join V-Gunz and they nexy day there were about 160 people online:D.

Extra:I am a very Nice person and I'm very Active. I'm also very very Helpful. Thanks For Hosting Euro Vitor and other Staff members:D Btw I really think that Euro is the best server. EURO FTW!


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