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[G]G[N]o[R]e Dev App

Post  Guest on Wed Apr 16, 2008 4:56 pm

Name : [G]G[N]o[R]e/Dominique Washington
Job : Mapping,Codeing weapons,Editing/Learning How To Make Clothes 50%
Age : 15
E-mail : mognet101@hotmail.com , you-fail@ubergamers.co.cc

why would we need you :

Experience : Made a couple of maps all good and released to RageZone go and Check i have my own Test Server July i think and BR

Examples : Have My Own Test Server Google it AGunZ , AGamersGunz , AGGunZ

Extra :

cheers If i Dont Get Job or u Have me n waiting List just email and ask me if u need any thing (Wants my lvl 99 Back 4rm XGunZ) Sleep


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